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Aperture Center at Mesa del Sol, 5700 University Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106


With safe, smart, and sustainable initiatives at the core of our neighborhood growth, great strides are being made to ensure the safety of our residents, premium education, efficient utilities with resource management, a community that welcomes diversity and is inclusive to all walks of life while developing more opportunity for those who live and work at Mesa del Sol and in New Mexico.


We are strong. We are #NMTrue. And we will realize a vision of greatness at Mesa del Sol that will elevate to the next level not only the city of Albuquerque but also the State of New Mexico. It’s time to resurrect the challenge at Mesa del Sol and shine our light for all the nation to see.
– Steven B. Chavez, Managing Partner, MDS Investments



Mesa del Sol is focused on smart development centered around technology and the strength of community planning to prioritize our growth with an eye on our future.

Microgrid Technology

Connecting people, information, and technology to improve quality of life, education, innovation, and information access.

Cohesive Infrastructure

Starting with smart infrastructure related to commercial, residential and shared resource development will include irrigation systems, highest-speed internet access, roads and public transportation with full integration into existing city transportation, as well as smart transport within Mesa del Sol.

Smart Transportation

The Mesa del Sol development team is committed to designing and implementing a smart transportation system that will allow residents to navigate with safety and ease throughout the merging community. This may include autonomous vehicles as well as electric vehicle and scooter networks with many charging stations to support the network.

Community Planning

Great strides will be made to foster premium education at Mesa del Sol, through local schools that will receive additional financial support from funds generated through Mesa del Sol area improvements that provide long-term income. Residential community planning at Mesa del Sol fosters inclusion and acceptance of all walks of life and is designed to self-support and sustain the quality of life we all deserve. Available and accessible housing consists of a healthy mix of single-family residences, corporate housing and multi- unit structures, as well as lower income housing. We are planning unprecedented strides toward introducing more high-paying employment opportunities on Mesa del Sol. Data centers, tech campuses and new warehousing will be constructed to sustain research and emerging technology companies and provide for the addition of more manufacturing opportunities. Through these efforts, we can retain local talent, and support improved career paths for students from our state universities.


It’s up to us to plan for this impact and create a micro-city at Mesa del Sol that can be used as an example.

Green & Natural Space Preservation

We are planning for additional large green spaces, as well as walk/biking trails that will interconnect different areas of the community preserving much of the natural landscape, vegetation and habitats for New Mexico’s animal population.

Environmental Sustainability

With environmental sustainability and resource preservation at the core of our development choices, we’ll approach Mesa del Sol planning using a method called geodesign. In this practice, we can responsibly manage natural resources while considering the future impact of population growth in the area—and the carbon footprint we’ll leave behind for future generations. This community is better positioned to provide citizens a sustainable future that won’t compromise the land, water or air quality essential to our lives.

Renewable Energy Generation

Priorities in the progression of Mesa del Sol are energy generation from solar and wind power, shared garden space, and smart waste and water management.


With the use of technology, smart devices, and citizen reporting, a safe neighborhood networking solution will be developed allowing for a collective approach to public safety.

Access Points

When we limit the entry and exit points of a community it limits whose coming in and out. It provides a natural level of protection for the community.

Asset Tracking Technology

We are looking into asset tracking technology that can capture whose coming and going. This allows us to gather the information that can keep us safe and support potential efforts to identify those who may have malicious intent.

Impactful Relationships

We have been developing relationships with Albuquerque Police Department and with the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department to ensure patrols happen regularly in the area. Privately-funded paid patrols are occuring during nights and weekends.

Smart Cameras

Research is actively being conducted on the best products to utilize at Mesa del Sol for added security to community areas. These cameras feature:
  • Pedestrian Activity Monitoring
  • Traffic Count Analytics and Patterns
  • Speaker Capabilities for Road Side and Distress Assistance

Lighting the Way

Lighting will be added and maintained throughout the community as well as traffic controls such as speed bumps, roundabouts, and reduced posted speed limits.



Residential communities master planned to enhance the quality of life and enjoyment of residents. Views, parks, and innovative design are not the only things planned for our residents.


Commercial space is available for new and existing businesses to be in the epicenter of this beautiful community. With space available to purchase or lease, Mesa del Sol offers business community members the right option to fit their business needs.


Schools are available for students from kindergarten through college, built to provide New Mexico's future with the facilities they deserve. New facilities, strong curriculum, and a commitment to New Mexico's future is what will set apart Mesa del Sol's education.


Space and options available to help New Mexico's design, manufacturing, and production companies expand to allow for the growth as businesses develop and require industrial solutions to their facility needs.

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